The Cube

We Design and Facilitate The Cube to Define New
Products and Engage with Clients

Learn from our 25 years of experience working with emerging brands and high growth businesses throughout the world. Gain an insight into the tools that are required to fine tune your product development strategy and building a lean supply solution to support the launch of your latest consumer product innovation. Take a look at our strategic Cube that are designed to propel you ahead in your industry.

Development Planning Cube

Experience this unique cube to create a custom development and manufacturing integration plan for your business. Work closely with our Product Development Planners to build your product development and manufacturing blueprint. Complete an audit based on your capabilities, the product development complexity and the associated product line maturity to find the most cost efficient and timely approach to meet your business requirements.


Design Thinking Cube

Learn the tool that many leading companies are using to innovative and challenge the industries they operate in. Bring your distinctive approach to innovate your products and services and discover why Design Thinking is valuable for you.
In this cube we will introduce you to the methodology and then apply this creative problem solving framework to your business. This is a hands-on session that is aimed at driving your new innovation to its highest success.

Business Model Cube

In this cube you will be focused on:
Discussing, refining and brainstorming your product innovation
Clarifying your unique value proposition
Draft your product development strategy
Determine the priority of each activity