Launch of New Electric Egg Boiler

Eggs benedict, lunch prep, morning breakfast or afternoon snack? With the Ecubes double tier 14 egg boiler, effortlessly cook all the eggs you need to feed the entire family. Cook up to 14 whole eggs, 2 poached eggs or an omelet with the interchangeable trays. Power switch and indicator light for hassle free cooking. Cook your eggs to your preference: soft, medium, or hard boiled, using the marked measuring cup with piercing pin. Easy clean up with the Stainless-Steel heating plate and dishwasher safe lid, trays and measuring cup.

LARGE 14 Eggs Capacity (2 layers version): With this rapid egg cooker you can make up to 14 boiled eggs in just minutes thanks to its 350 Watts power rating. No need for an egg timer as our Egg Boiler includes a measuring cup which has level markings to indicate how much water is required and how many eggs you're cooking and whether you want soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs.

One-Touch Start: Simply fill up the measuring cup to your desired water level, choosing between soft, medium or hard boiled, turn it on and within minutes the alarm will let you know that breakfast is served!

Multifunction: With the multifunctional rapid egg boiler, you can team vegetables, dumplings, seafood, warm tortillas, and more! Making full meals is a snap with the double decker tiers, the options are endless! With this double-layer egg steamer, you can complete the food your family needs in a matter of minutes.

Easy to Use and Clean: Just add water with the included measuring cup, put eggs on the egg holder, plug in, and in just a few minutes, have beautifully cooked steam boiled eggs. This appliance is very easy to disassemble and clean. Simply remove the egg holder and/or bowl and wash these parts with detergent and a sponge.

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Post time: Apr-14-2022