Our Services

One of the most distinctive changes in markets over time has been the expansion in the choice of goods and services available to consumers. The core competitive advantage of Ecubes is to provide SOLUTIONS to our clients in the toy and pet related industry, including wooden-plastic toys, plush-electric toys, plastic-electric toys, electric pet toys, plush-electric pet toys, automatic pet feeder, dog leash and other pet related products. We have not only a wide collection of ready-to-produce products to offer, but also plenty of patented designs available which gives uniqueness to our clients. We are also being able to manufacture all the designs and arrange shipment upon each clients’ demand. With Ecubes, our clients only need to provide ideas, we will take care all the rest!

Ecubes offers a wide range of services suitable for new inventors and startup companies. We customize our services as required to meet the unique needs of every project and client. The Service start from concepts through to commercial product manufacturing.

Feasibility Study

To determine whether an invention should be pursued or abandoned, prior to committing to further stages of development.

  • Commercial feasibility review
  • Technical feasibility review
  • Develop options to address any feasibility issues (if encountered)
  • Preliminary intellectual property (patentability) review
  • Development of a plan for the next steps of development

Rapid Prototype

Develop pre-production prototypes that will be very close to final production models, useful for testing and user evaluation purposes, for gaining market feedback.

  • Development of POC (proof of concept) components and system subassemblies
  • Design of sub-assemblies utilizing 3D CAD tools into pre-production designs
  • Liaise with manufacturing department to arrange production of devices
  • Supply a small number of product prototypes for testing and evaluation purposes

Market Evaluation

To evaluate market demand for a product, prior to commit further funds to development

  • Generate preliminary product sketches and designs
  • Development of life-like & photorealistic concept images/renderings

Pre-Production Arrangement

Product commercialization and ongoing sales’ preparation.

  • Design for Manufacture
  • Arrange manufacturing tooling
  • Arrange certification to meet regulatory requirements for sale in different markets


Ecubes is not only a design company but also a manufacturing company, we provide one stop solution for our clients.

  • Quotation
  • Define lead time, quality standard, packing to meet customer’s demand
  • Shipment